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‘ISHTIKA’ Mixerpress (Model IMP-MC9/8/7/5)

The soft mud brick moulding machine - “Ishtika Mixerpress” - consists of a mixer, a mould chain, a press block, a mould washing station and a mould sander.  ‘Ishtika’ is a Sanskrit word taken from the Vedas - the oldest literature known to man - meaning 'fired clay brick'.  It also means 'useful' and 'auspicious'.  Final adjustment of water content in the raw-mix can be done by adding 5 to 7 % water in the mixer.  Our Ishtika Mixerpress comes in 4 ‘models’ – each shaping 5, 7, 8 or 9 bricks per stroke and producing 4,500, 6,300, 7,200 and 8,100 bricks per hour, respectively, at 15 strokes per minute speed.  The 7-mould model shapes 10”x5”x3” or ‘Bangla’-size bricks while all other models shape 9”x4⅓”x3” regular-size bricks. All the said models can be designed to shape bricks of other sizes (viz. 9”x6”x4” size ‘double’ bricks) also. The sander can be either ‘top’ (which sprays sand on the frog plate to shape ‘waterstruck’ bricks) or ‘bottom’ (which sprays sand on all 5 sides of a mould to shape ‘sanded’ bricks) or both.


*These specifications are subject to change from time to time

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