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Clay Testing (examining suitability of clay to soft mud brick shaping process) and Raw-Mix Design; Preparation of Project Profile (which includes plant capacity and yearly/weekly/daily requirement of raw materials and utilities, recommended production process, fixed investment, cost of production and profitability estimates); Facilitating visit(s) to nearby brick plants using our machinery; Attending meetings of the entrepreneur(s) with Bank/Funding Agency official(s) to convince them of the techno-economic feasibility of the project; Preparation of plant layout (based on site demarcation plan supplied by the customer in AutoCAD)

Pre-Investment Services

Erection of machinery (viz. Box Feeder, Roller Crusher-Cum-Stone Separator, Ishtika Mixerpress, Belt Conveyor, etc.) starts after completion of construction of machinery shed along with foundations, PCC flooring, rinsing water trench and settling tank as specified in our drawing. It is carried out/supervised by technicians from our side. The customer has to employ and provide a Mechanical Fitter, an Electrical Fitter, a Welder and a Helper – each with good relevant experience and competence – to assist our technicians. After positioning and fixing of the machines, the customer is advised to build a platform around the mixerpress, staircase(s), fencing, railing and an A.C. control cabin.  Cabling/wiring and fixing of control panel and VFD enclosure will then be done by our electrician. Depending upon level of preparedness of the customer, erection normally takes at least 6 weeks.


Commissioning of Ishtika Mixerpress and other machinery is done in customer’s presence by our technicians by conducting a ‘full load’ green brick production trial.  During this trial, the customer shall provide, ensure and be responsible for continuous supply of the required quantity and quality of raw materials (i.e. clay, sand, etc.), utilities (water, electric power, manpower, etc.) and empty pallets as well as other necessary facilities. Depending upon support from the customer,    commissioning normally takes at least 2 weeks.


On-site training for running and maintenance of the mixerpress shall be provided during mixerpress commissioning. Off-site training of Ishtika Mixerpress Operator (optional) will be facilitated by us for two weeks at one of our existing installations. After this phase, one of our technicians will supervise and instruct customer’s Operator to run the mixerpress independently for one week.

Operator training services

Troubleshooting; Electro-mechanical

health check-ups; Technology                    upgradation; Spare supply.

Post-commissioning hand holding services

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