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De Boer Gripper is a device which when attached to a fork lift or a grab crane can hold and move packs of bricks without pallets. Its fingers have movable pads on their sides which come out the moment load is transferred on to fingers and hold the lowest row or ‘legs’ of a brick stack laterally.

This obviates the need for pallets or external props to support a brick stack while being lifted and moved. Therefore, once a pack of dry bricks is set, it can be moved from place to place – from drying yard to kiln to stock yard to truck to construction site – without a pallet and keeping the shape of the pack intact.

This not only makes the pallets totally redundant, but also drastically reduces the labour intensity and multiple handling involved in movement of bricks, cutting huge operational costs and maintaining quality of green / fired bricks (by preventing chipping of corners and breakages).


The De Boer Gripper is made of good quality mild steel with a sturdy structure for continuous use. It has 4 fingers for lifting brick stack and a high precision spring actuated clamping system.

Overall Dimensions : 980/992 mm (L) X 715/794 mm (W) X 1220/1012 mm (H)

*These specifications are subject to change from time to time

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