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De Boer Damle (India) Pvt. Ltd. (DBD) was registered in Pune on 18th December 2009.  It is a joint venture between Netherlands-based De Boer Group – world’s No.1 supplier of soft mud brick installations – and Mr. Anand Damle.  It is the first European company to have established its manufacturing base in India in the heavy clay machinery sector.  De Boer and Mr. Anand Damle together enjoy more than 100-years’ experience in serving the international heavy clay industry.

Prior to registering DBD in Pune, the following activities were completed:

  • Finalizing the basic concept and engineering design of the soft mud brick moulding machine ‘appropriate’ for India (including detailed design, which was fully done in India).

  • Facilitating visits of 10 most progressive brick makers from India to operational soft mud brick plants supplied by De Boer in The Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Bagging order for 1st soft mud brick installation from Prayag Clay Products Pvt. Ltd, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh, India).   Within 6 months of company‘s registration, activities such as hiring of key design and production personnel, their training in The Netherlands, development of manufacturing drawings and vendors,  finalization of rented factory shed premises and making it worthy of assembly / production, etc. were completed.  Thereafter, manufacture of the first machine – named ‘Ishtika Mixerpress’ – along with Ascender and Pallet Gripper, took 4 months.  ‘Ishtika’ is a Sanskrit word from the Vedas – the oldest literature known to man – meaning ‘fired clay brick’.  It also means ‘useful’ and ‘auspicious’. Once the mixerpress assembly was completed, a ‘dry’ working demonstration was organized in our factory which was attended by about 75 brick makers from North, West and South India. The first Ishtika Mixerpress was delivered to Varanasi along with Ascender and Pallet Gripper in the first half of October 2010 and its erection was completed by mid-November 2010.  Subsequently, it took us 6 months, from mid-November 2010 to mid-May 2011, to commission this first project successfully.


Subsequently, we added ‘Sambharak’ Box feeder, ‘Vipeshak’ Roller Crusher-Cum-Stone Separator, Belt Conveyor, Automatic Pallet Handling System, Extrudate Cutting System (comprising moving carriage slab cutter, brick / block cutter and pallet loading conveyor), Moving Fan and Stack Gripper to our product basket.  ‘Sambharak’ means uniform and continuous feeder and ‘Vipeshak’ means special-purpose crusher in Sanskrit. Providing pre-investment services (viz. clay testing, facilitating visits to operational projects, project planning including pre-engineering and preparation of ‘bankable’ feasibility reports and facilitating project financing) and post-commissioning hand-holding are our major strengths.

Since achieving success at Varanasi, we have never looked back and successfully commissioned 7 more projects near Madurai-Tamil Nadu (Yasin Brick Works Pvt. Ltd. and Siva Bricks), Trichy-Tamil Nadu (Vivek Bricks), Bengaluru-Karnataka

(Sudarshan Bricks, ChannaKeshava Bricks and Shwetha Brick Industry) and Mahabubabad-Telangana (Red Bricks). 2 more projects are under manufacturing at present.