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We have the following products: Soft Mud Brick Moulding Machine, Box Feeder, Roller Crusher-Cum-Stone Separator, Belt Conveyor, Ascender/Descender, Moving Fan, Brick/Block Cutting System, Gripper.


Pre-Investment Services, Erection, Commissioning Services, Training and post commissioning hand holding Services.


De Boer is world’s No.1 supplier of soft mud brick installations. De Boer and Mr. Anand Damle together enjoy more than 100-years’ experience in serving the international heavy clay industry. De Boer Damle has so far commissioned 8 soft mud brick installations in India and many more are under supply/commissioning at present.


To contribute significantly to the transformation of traditional heavy clay industry of India into a fully mechanized, automated and resource-efficient industry.

De Boer Damle (India) Pvt. Ltd. (DBD) was registered in Pune on 18th December 2009. It is a joint venture between Netherlands-based De Boer Group and Mr. Anand Damle.

To lead sustainable development of heavy-clay building materials industry in India by developing, manufacturing, selling and installing soft mud brick molding machines and other machines, equipment and systems required for integrating the same into the overall brick making process; and to achieve total customer satisfaction and loyalty through product and service quality consistent with world standards.

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